CPA Particle Size and Shape Analyzer

Built specifically for increasing the speed and accuracy of your particle analysis process. Our inline and online CPA systems have proven their worth to lab technicians, providing complete particle analysis 3x-5x faster than standard sieve tests. Our CPA has the largest abstract measuring range from 10 microns all the way up to 400 mm.

Our CPA systems are available in Laboratory and Industrial units.

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The HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 actually counts and measures, in real time, each individual particle of a representative material sample. The resulting distribution curve is based on the actual number of particles measured within a given size range. The test sieving process is a weight distribution analysis method.

A series of machine models examine particles sizes within the ASTM E11 standard range and above. The CPA conveys dry, free-flowing material samples to be examined by the camera lens, which is making approximately 20,000 scans per second. This technology provides consistent, repeatable results.

The correlation now becomes significant as today, and into the foreseeable future, traditional test sieving methods will remain popular and cost-effective for many quality control laboratories. Alternate technology results can now be compared “apples to apples.”

Collecting and examining samples in real time can provide valuable information before the material finds its way to the final product. The Tyler CPA has the capabilities to communicate with other process equipment and sound alarms, make equipment adjustments or shut down a line completely, before more costly time and effort are spent on the process. The savings here could be significant.

HAVER TYLER CPA 2-1 particle characteristics include:
  1. Feret Diameter
  2. Martin Diameter
  3. Maximum Chord
  4. Maximum Length
  5. Maximum Width, ort. to 4
  6. Maximum Feret Diameter
  7. Length, ort. to 6
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