Extruder Screens

W.S. Tyler produces wire cloth extruder screens. These are used in the plastic melt filtration process and are of the highest quality. W.S. Tyler produces theses screen packs primarily in kidney shapes. We can also produce them in various configurations, including options for single and multi-layer designs, rim bound and raw edge filters. These filters can be designed with retention ranges from anywhere between 10 and 1,000 microns.

W.S. Tyler can work with your R&D team to get exactly the products they need manufactured to the specifications required. With the highest quality materials and on-site fabrication, we can customize our products to suit the most demanding projects.

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We offer a variety of different weaves to create exactly the filter required for the job. Our design and fabrication is done on-site and allows us to address any needs that our customers may have.

For full specifications list:
Filters And Fabricated Parts (PDF)