Industrial Woven Wire Cloth

We offer wire cloth in standard rolls, and cut-to-size pieces in strips, discs and cones. Our post-weaving, value-added services include Annealing, Cleaning, Calendaring, Slitting, Stamping, Punching, Shearing, Welding and Pleating.

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  • Formed Parts
    Formed PartsPrecise filters from 200 microns through 1 micron can be fabricated in many shapes to meet your specific demands.
  • Annealing
    8D664615BC948D8DC726F03737929EA5Annealing is the process of heating up the metal then allowing it to cool slowly. W.S. Tyler's annealing capabilities are used to remove spring tension from mesh. Annealing aids in the forming, stamping and other fabricating processes.
  • Cleaning
    CleaningW.S. Tyler uses unique bath and cleaning agents to remove contaminants and stains. Critical applications requiring wire mesh parts and filters to meet "clean room" standards are also available.
  • Calendering
    CalenderingIn many applications, a woven wire cloth's thickness and tension are critical factors. A calendering process is important in meeting customer demands for flat, workable materials.
  • Slitting
    SlittingSome applications call for precision widths for additional processes. High volume, highly accurate slitting tools provide for a custom operation.
  • Stamping & Punching
    84B365DF3FD11B569BA982A9E34A1947High production material flow lowers cost and provides consistent quality. This operation is stamping multiple layers of wire mesh and spot welding them to produce plastic melt extrusion filters.
  • Shearing
    DFB39A9401B24335DFD9F8941D91A7EEW.S. Tyler has shears for every mesh count. Highly accurate slitting tools ensure high quality and close tolerance products.
  • Welding
    E384B3E25129DB04CCC50B71AE1B81FDWelding woven wire mesh requires great skill and highly technical tools. Here, a tube filter is being fabricated with PorostarĀ® Sintered Laminate. Well-designed fixtures and tooling ensure a quality weld.