Screen Printing Services

Sheeting Program

Haver & Boecker is known for being the pioneer in many areas of wire fabrication including the sheeting program. The sheeting program allows consumers to purchase exact size sheets that they use in their stretching systems and/or draw-bar retensionable frames. This allows for maximum yield of the wire mesh with no waste from using a standard roll width. There is no minimum quantity requirement and quantity discounts are available.

Mesh Certification

Haver, Inc. can provide upon request a “Certified Mesh Thickness” document for your records for the exact roll you receive. Haver & Boecker is an ISO 9001 certified organization. Throughout its history, Haver & Boecker’s manufacturing process has consistently surpassed international quality standards of ISO 9000-9004 and 9044-9045. Our wire mesh is woven to the exacting requirements of the screen print industry.

Haver, Inc. can provide DFARS Compliant  Woven Wire Mesh.

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Cut-to-Length Rolls

Although the standard roll length is 100’, Haver, Inc. has the in-house ability to provide you shorter roll lengths when your requirements are for less material.

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