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W.S. Tyler offers premium test sieve analysis and calibration services to ensure the performance of test sieves for quality control programs. Our services are applicable for both new and in-use test sieves.

The Primary Standards that govern Test Sieves are ASTM E 11-13 and ISO 3310-1. Both W.S. Tyler and its parent organization, Haver & Boecker, Germany, are very active on the committees that write and oversee the Standards. By contributing our many years of expertise to the various committees, the marketplace can rely on the Standards to be valuable and practical to the product users.

National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Traceability

All of W.S. Tyler’s Laboratory Services offer some degree of traceability directly to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) W.S. Tyler’s laboratory examinations are performed with an automatic, non-contact, dimensional measurement system with an accuracy of +/- one-tenth of a micron. W.S. Tyler, on average, performs 10,000 examinations per year in our on-site working laboratories.

Laboratory Products

Certified Test Sieve Analysis: ASTM Equivalent – Inspection Grade

Test Sieves are analyzed to meet ASTM and ISO Standards, serialized, and supplied with NIST Traceable Histograms.

Certified–PLUS Test Sieve: ASTM Equivalent – Calibration Grade

Test Sieves are examined to meet ASTM and ISO Standards, serialized, and supplied with NIST Traceable Histograms Certified-PLUS, per the current ASTM Standard, offers a 99.73% level of confidence, resulting from measuring two times the amount of mesh openings of the Inspection Grade Sieve.

Sample Sieve Certification (PDF)

Recertification Schedule

W.S. Tyler recommends a recertification scheduled for in-use Test Sieves.

Aperture Schedule *
5 inches to .25 inch 80 uses or 36 months
US No. 3-1/2 to US No. 12 70 uses or 30 months
US No. 14 to US No. 40 60 uses or 24 months
US No. 45 to US No. 140 50 uses or 18 months
US No. 170 to US No. 325 35 uses or 12 months
US No. 400 to US No. 635 20 uses or 6 months

*Whichever comes last.

Traceable Certifications can also be performed on specialty sieves, screening media,
and ASTM and ISO Standard woven wire cloth.

Particle Analysis Service

A traditional test sieve analysis is available for material evaluation. Contact Us.