Wire Cloth Filtration

Filter media made of wire mesh covers an extremely broad range, from ultra-fine micron structures up to coarse structures. Wire mesh offers distinct advantages over other filter media. It enables uniform filter performance over the entire filter area, versatility in processing, along with ease of cleaning.

Custom Wire Mesh Filters

W.S. Tyler has the capability to customize wire mesh to fit your filtration needs.

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Sinter-Bonded Wire Mesh

Porostar® is a multilayered wire cloth for the purpose of having a durable filtration material, which can be entirely customized to your individual needs.

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Extruder Screens

W.S. Tyler produces wire cloth extruder screens. These are used in the plastic melt filtration process and are of the highest quality. W.S. Tyler produces these screen packs primarily in kidney shapes.

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Filter Cloth

WS Tyler MINIMESH® is characterized by its trouble-free production, easy maintenance and long life span.

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