Screen Printing

Our expertise of innovative, high quality screen printing mesh make us one of the leading partners in this industry.

When screen printing was first introduced, silk was the preferred screen printing medium. Over time, it was discovered that silk would swell and eventually tear. Modern-day screen printing techniques typically use polyester, nylon, and stainless steel as a screen-printing medium.

Woven wire mesh in particular allows the screen to undergo a greater amount of pressure when tension, with wire mesh having less than 1% elongation and other materials, like nylon or polyester, having more than 5%. Stainless Steel mesh is also a lot more durable than other materials, which proves to be cost-effective over time when taking everyday wear and tear into consideration.

Most importantly, stainless steel mesh can be woven much finer than the other options. This allows for an even, more controlled distribution of paints and emulsions.



  • Solar industry
  • Electronics and decorative ceramic products
  • Glassware and container products

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