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What is the Alpine Air Jet Sieve?


Because extremely fine particles have a tendency to agglomerate and therefore often clog up the sieve, the air jet sieve is the device of choice for sieving fine powders. As a result of the air jet principle, the e200 LS offers maximum effectiveness with such materials. The reason for this effectiveness bases on two components: a slotted nozzle which rotates in the sieving chamber and an industrial vacuum cleaner connected up to the sieving chamber. As soon as the vacuum cleaner is switched on, it generates a vacuum inside the sieving chamber. 

The extremely narrow slot of the slotted nozzle ensures that the incoming air is accelerated and flows against the sieve fabric at high speed from below. 

The particles on the sieve fabric are dispersed briefly by the air jet before they are drawn downwards through the sieve apertures by the suction of the vacuum cleaner. The coarse material remains on the sieve and is re-weighed at the end of the sieving process. The automatic underpressure controller as well as specification of the sieving-relevant parameters guarantee reproducible results.

  • Minerals
  • Production of chemicals
  • Pharmaceutics – in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11
  • Toner production
  • Food and nutrition industry
  • Cement applications

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