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Types of W.S. Tyler CPA

Industrial units: CPA 2-1 ONLINE, CPA 4-1, CPA 4-2, CPA 4 CONVEYOR

W.S. Tyler CPA industrial units are built to meet the demands of large-scale production facilities, laboratories, and technical centers. Like our other offerings, the industrial units run on CpaServ software and can be used as particle counting devices with line-scan camera technology. When combined with our peripherals, its modular design also empowers individual online solutions.

The W.S. Tyler CPA 2-1 ONLINE, which analyzes bulk material in the 34μm to 25mm measuring range, is designed for continuous quality control throughout production. 

In a permanent measuring standby mode, the unit analyzes regularly fed samples without interruption. Given its durable construction, it is resistant to adverse conditions, such as heat, dust, or humidity.

The W.S. Tyler CPA 4-1 analyzes grain sizes and shapes in the measuring range from 63μm to 50mm. The unit’s robust design lends itself to large sample quantities.

The W.S. Tyler CPA 4-2, featuring two measuring ranges in the same unit, separately analyzes grain sizes and shapes of fine and coarse materials. Examples include sand and grit from 35μm to 15mm or gravel and crushed stone from 91μm to 90mm.

The W.S. Tyler CPA 4 CONVEYOR functions like the CONVEYOR measuring process, but was designed to handle coarser, elongated up to 220mm. It is particularly valuable in the analysis of the lengths and widths of wood chips.

Perfection down to the peripherals

The range of W.S. Tyler CPA units is complemented by various peripheral devices. Moist materials, for example, must be dried before undergoing photo-optical particle analysis. For that reason, we have developed the W.S. Tyler HSD, or high-speed dryer, which dries mineral bulk material in a minimal amount of time. Conveyor speed and heating temperatures can be adjusted to suit the material.

The high heating capacity and air quantity also guarantees optimal flow rates. The HSD is frequently used for pre-drying wet gravel before conducting analysis with the W.S. Tyler CPA 4-1; however, it can be used in tandem with all CPA units or separately for the hasty drying of bulk material.

The W.S. Tyler DMS is a double-deck screening machine for pre-screening with two separating cuts. By cutting the material in two places, the feed material can be divided into three fractions. The two screens can be individually designed and tensioned by our screening service. Rubber balls or special, ultrasonic modules can implement ultra-fine separating cuts and enable automatic cleaning of the screen.

The prescreening function of the W.S. Tyler DMS is used in combination with a CPA particle measuring unit to screen the fine content from a material sample, leading to significantly reduced measuring times. In order to achieve optimum utilization of the classification area, we recommend additional pre-dosing with the magnetically driven W.S. Tyler EMZ feed trough. Its large material hopper makes it the ideal buffer for downstream processes and, in step mode, it conveys all kinds of bulk material.

As part of continued time-saving measures, we developed the W.S. Tyler AS (auto sampler) to automatically feed CPA devices with material samples. Six, twelve, or twenty-four samples, corresponding to our AS 6, AS 12, and AS 24 models, can be measured around the clock without compromising capacity. The W.S. Tyler AS is controlled with our CpaServ software via an interface. The device can also be used to collect retain samples and as a laboratory or technical center unit.

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