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What is the W.S. Tyler CPA?

In the field of conventional particle analysis, W.S. Tyler, alongside parent company Haver & Boecker, has been a market-leading manufacturer of test sieve shakers for decades. As a result, in the early 90s, our accrued expertise and pioneering spirit provided the ideal platform for exploring the next frontier in particle analysis: integration of powerful computing technology.

Our wide product range, consisting of future-oriented, expandable modular units and systems, guarantees flexible solutions for all applications. Our photo-optical systems have proven their worth with hundreds of minerals in various sectors. Whether in the form of standardized laboratory/online units or customized industrial units, from pharmaceuticals, food, and non-metallic minerals to the plastics and fertilizer industries, W.S. Tyler delivers.

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We develop the future.

Our design department, in-house toolmaking, mechanical engineering, and our own electronics and control specialists ensure every W.S. Tyler CPA system meets the requirements imposed upon it. Engineers develop customized equipment, specialized design solutions, and individual control systems for you and, if required, take care of the connection to the PLC.

We work with our partners from the Haver Group in the development and improvement of CPA technology, including the Machinery Divisions in Münster and Oelde, as well as Haver Engineering GmbH in Meißen, which is recognized as an affiliated institute of the Technical University Mining Academy of Freiburg.

The Collaborations

These collaborations have given rise to innovative products and numerous national and international parents. Time and again, methods we have developed have become compulsory norms throughout the industry.


We will also assist in the commissioning of CPA systems and directly provide you with comprehensive after-sales service, from professional maintenance, to subsequent modifications, to software updates, without going through a distributor

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