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Why simply have a wire mesh supplier when you can have an extension of your team that specializes in developing tailor-made wire mesh solutions? Our in-house specialists provide the guidance and expertise to ensure you receive a personalized solution tailored to your needs

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Particle Analysis

Particle Size Analysis is a critical testing method used to enhance quality control.

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Square Opening Wire Mesh

High-quality woven wire mesh designed to carry out tasks, such as filter out contaminates and evenly disperse particles, is our specialty.

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MINIMESH® Filter Cloth

W.S. Tyler continues to implement new technologies and produce state-of-the-art filter cloth that will increase flow rate without compromising filtration capabilities.

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Fabricated Parts & Customized Filters

From extruder screens to sand control screen, the versatile qualities of wire mesh can be customized to fit countless industries.

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Screen Printing

Woven wire mesh offers several qualities that make it the ideal ink distribution medium for screen printing.

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Architectural Mesh

The durability and customization that architectural mesh allows it to enhance the aesthetic of virtually any structure.

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Our Story

For over 150 years, W.S. Tyler® has been a leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing of woven wire cloth and mesh materials.

You may have heard about our quality products, our innovative approach or our award-winning customer service. But you’ll likely remember us for our relentless passion for precise engineering.


We are our customers’ partner at every step of their journey

“Our story is simple: we liked what we saw in your unit; we bought it; and can now describe it as a machine that “just works”, meaning that we now give it little thought due to its high reliability.”

Alex T

“With the assistance of W.S. Tyler, we had the unit on site within 10 days and within 2 days had reduced our over processing by 12%. The product, communication and service by the staff of W.S. Tyler has been excellent.”

Jim D

“W.S. Tyler was willing to adapt to our requirements, easy to work with and very professional. Their technicians were knowledgeable, trained and adaptable.”

Venkat V

“When the job requires the absolute best in quality and craftsmanship, I go to W.S. Tyler.”

Dell T

“The Alpine Jet Sieve has been a great addition to our in-process testing equipment. It has allowed us to quickly and easily determine our product mesh size, and make real time adjustments to our equipment to produce a consistent final product to our customer specifications.”

Ryan P

Our Story

Nothing in Northeast Ohio is given, everything is earned. At W.S. Tyler, we see this each and every day. People are industrious, honest and hard working, conscientious and dependable. That’s why we are proud to be a part of this team.

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