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Design Mesh

Stable, three dimensional shapes offer stunning aesthetic design & appeal. Fabricated parts from W.S. Tyler are used in a variety of applications when it comes to forming, enclosing and designing different products. The broad range of various mesh specifications, each with its own distinct properties, make it an ideal and versatile design material with exclusive and long lasting appeal. The aesthetics, texture, and function can be combined in a variety of ways, making woven wire mesh ideal for designers of high-value products. W.S Tyler mesh brings your ideas to life. In addition to the elegant covering of audio speakers and air vents, wire mesh is also used in the automotive industry for door handle enclosures and instrument panels. By using various illumination ideas, further dramatic optical effects can be created. Open or semi-transparent woven fabric structures can be back-illuminated to create a stunning visual appearance.

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Woven Wire, Fabricated Parts and Customized Filters
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