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Design Mesh

W.S. Tyler Design Mesh is used for the design of products, furniture, lamps, rooms and automobile interiors. Design mesh is woven with uniformly integrated surfaces, reflecting the decades of experience of W.S Tyler in the development and production of wire mesh.

W.S. Tyler Design Mesh types vary both in look and feel as well as in functionality. Open transparent structures provide optimum translucency for the design. Design mesh is also suitable for applications where texture and light reflection are desired. The intensity of light diffusion varies according to the longitudinal and transverse threads of material used. They can be made entirely from stainless steel or consist of a combination of metal and polyester monofilament fibers (PET). Any color of PET fiber is available upon request. Design mesh that appears non-porous can actually allow partial or extensive backlighting.

On request, W.S. Tyler can supply design mesh for further processing by supplying the mesh on rolls, cut-to-size pieces. Laminating processes enable subsequent back- injection molding or other attachment methods.

Versatile Design with Stunning Visual Appearance

  • Exposed Texture
  • Polyurethane Coated
  • Back Lighting
  • Semi-Transparent
  • Logo Imprinting


  • Door and Dash and Trim
  • Instrument Panels
  • Speaker Coverings
  • Exterior Accents



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