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W.S. Tyler Wet Wash/Deep Frame Sieves


For use in the cement industry where water is introduced to the test sample. 3", 8", and 12" diameters with drain holes in the sieve skirt for drainage. All Wet Wash Test Sieves are constructed either in the more durable all stainless steel or with a brass frame and stainless steel sieve cloth.

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ITEM All Stainless Steel Brass Frame/Stainless Steel mesh
8" Diameter Test Sieve with 4-5/8" overall height and 4-1/8" depth to cloth

8" Diameter Test Sieve with 8-5/8" overall height and 8-1/8" depth to cloth
3" Diameter Test Sieve with 4" overall height and 3-1/2" depth to cloth

12" Diameter Test Sieve with 9" overall height and 8" depth to cloth

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