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Filter Elements made from Woven Wire Cloth Laminated Panels

Characteristics and Applications: Porostar® is a woven wire cloth laminate. Its individual woven wire cloth layers are closely bonded together by diffusion. The final diffusion results from a second thermal treatment after the first sintering process. The DUO-SINTER-TECHNIQUE employed in the manufacture of Porostar® leads to the diffusion of all wires in contact with one another. The geometrical structure of the individual woven layers is preserved. A stable porous filter plate is thus created, with predetermined characteristics in terms of pore-size, pore distribution, porosity and permeability. Porostar® can be formed and welded and is corrosion resistant. Porostar® for filtration and fluidizing purposes in many industries: chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, plastic, food, automobile, mechanical engineering and many others It is a filter medium making possible a migration-free filtration in the range from < 1 micron to 200 microns. Even at maximum pressure, Porostar® cannot release any small parts of the filter medium.

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Porostar® is manufactured in seamless sheets of maximum 1,500 mm x 1,200 mm or 1,200 mm x 1,200 mm.
Modern welding techniques are used to combine these sheets into desired larger formats, to make for example filter elements with diameters larger than 1,200 mm or filter cylinders with diameters larger than 400 mm.



Porostar® is manufactured as STANDARD-type and as special types LIGHT, HIFLO and COMBI. Specifications up to 10 mm thick have been produced.

Porostar®-Standard is put in filter sheets and cylinders. It is designed with five or six layers and specially suitable for unbalanced loads.

Porostar®-Light is suitable for the manufacturing of pleated filter cylinders and discs with very small diameters, e.g. 2.5 mm, and is composed of three woven wire cloth layers.

Porostar®-HIFLO Because of its important flow capacity Porostar® HIFLO is specially suitable for sieving and filtering methods using minimized pressures. Each woven wire cloth layer has square meshes.

Porostar®-Combi is suitable for high pressures even in reverse direction flow. Woven wire cloth layers and a perforated metal plate are bonded by sintering. Porostar®-Combi is available in Standard-type and in special types light or HIFLO as well. The number of layers and the thickness of the perforated metal plate are variable.


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